Our Heritage

Since 1932, Compagnie Parento Ltd. has been creating fragrance compounds to captivate and stimulate the minds of consumers.

Our family history starts back in the 1930’s when Jack Quigg was an employee of what was then the Canadian division of Compagnie Parento Ltd. Throughout the 1940’s to 1960’s Compagnie Parento Ltd.’s focus was selling small volumes of fragrance compounds, as well as aromatic chemicals (developed by Paul Beduoukian who was working for the company at the time), colours, and other cosmetic ingredients. Nearly 40 years after he started, Jack Quigg (chemist & well respected perfumer) became sole owner of the Canadian division of Compagnie Parento Ltd.
Eventually as market demands grew, so did our company and focus. Compagnie Parento Ltd. started to sell larger volumes of fragrances for products in the personal care and household sector for the new and emerging North American market place.

In 1972, Jack’s son, Jeffrey joined the team to work alongside his father in both the lab doing creative perfumery as well as being heavily involved in sales. In 1991, Jack Quigg passed away and Jeff took over as Owner/President of Compagnie Parento Ltd. Jeff is a well respected perfumer, a former member of the board of directors for the CCTFA, and current president of the Canadian Fragrance Materials Association, and a long time member of the American Society of Perfumers.
In 1999, Justin Quigg began working for Compagnie Parento Ltd. as the third generation of the family to be involved in the business. Now acting as the Vice President of Sales & Operations, and working alongside with his uncle, the Quigg family still continue to develop and expand the business.

Today Compagnie Parento Ltd. has added talented people to their team which includes Perfumers, Product Creation Chemists, Sales, Marketing, Accounting, Production, Quality Control and Warehouse personnel.
We are dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate goal of launching a successful product.

The sole focus of Compagnie Parento Ltd. is to develop and create the highest quality fragrance compounds and provide excellent service for the North American market.

In our dedication to creativity, Compagnie Parento Ltd. employs a team of experts including perfumers, lab technicians, sales and marketing personnel. This team works very hard to build partnerships with our customers by keeping in tune with global market trends and providing you with a unique, custom scent for your product.

In order to provide our customers with industry leading technical, and Quality Control support, as well as provide our own creative and QC teams the most up-to-date tools, Compagnie Parento Ltd. employs a Research & Development laboratory in which our chemists utilize GC-MS technology.

Our focus is to maintain the highest level of quality control by following stringent procedures throughout the sample and production process.

Compagnie Parento Ltd. is proud of its Canadian heritage where Environment, Sustainability and strict adherence to Government and Industry regulations are an inherent part of our process and commitment to our customers.

Let our Odour creation become a part of your Odor expectation!